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Weight Inclusive Guide to IBS

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A lot of the advice around irritable bowel syndrome, (or IBS) is focussed on restrictive ways of eating - not super helpful if you've had a tricky relationship with food. Likewise, sometimes the restrictive nature of recommendations can lead to disordered eating behaviours, and actually make gut health symptoms worse! 

The good news is, there's a lot you can do to manage IBS symptoms without cutting everything out from your diet; we’ve unpacked the impacts of sleep, rest, and movement on IBS, to help you understand the condition through a more holistic and inclusive lens. We’ve dug deep into the literature to bring you the latest recommendations around supplements, acupuncture, mindfulness and other alternative therapies, giving a broad range of suggestions so everyone can find what works best for them. ⁣

We also help you understand the impact of *how* you eat on your symptoms, before giving you suggestions for things you can add in to your diet (rather than take away).

Finally, we've done our best to make this guide accessible, weight inclusive, and non-judgemental. Everything we provide is a suggestion for you to pick-and-mix the approach that suits you, your body, and your circumstances, whatever that looks like for you right now. This guide is also suitable for people who have a history of an eating disorder or disordered eating. 

A note on pricing:

AT LCIE we believe that everyone should have access to body-affirming health care. We are therefore offering this resource on a sliding-scale, pay what you can. We are asking you pay what you think this resource is worth and what value you think it will add to your life.

Below we are offering suggested pricing, depending on your circumstances:

£20 - those with privilege or who can afford to pay 'full-price'

£15 - student and those with privilege but who find themselves in difficult circumstances currently

£10 - marginalised or disadvantaged groups

If this is still not accessible to you but you'd really benefit from this resource, please get in touch via

A note on sharing:

We ask you to be respectful of the time, energy, effort and brainpower that went into making this resource. Please do not share or copy any part of this resource without our express permission; it devalues our work and more importantly, it prevents us from offering sliding scale resources in the future. Do the right thing, be a good citizen.

** Please note ** - if you are a clinician or health care practitioner, we have made this resource available for individuals living with NAFLD as low-cost as we can in effort to make health information more equitable. Part of the reason we can do this is via support from those with professional and educational privileges. As such, we ask you to sign up to our full training for this resource at

Access to this training also gives you the right to distribute this detailed resource to your clients. you'll also receive an in-depth 1 hour CPD training covering aetiology, pathophysiology, current guidelines (and critique thereof), plus an evidence-based review of recommendations, plus an accompanying guide for clinicians. There will also be an opportunity to ask the LCIE team questions in a live Q+A. We ask you to please be respectful of the work that has been involved in the creation of this resource and help us keep it low-cost for those who are in the most need. N.B. distribution of this resource for commercial reasons violates the terms of copyright. 

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- A comprehensive body-affirming e-book guide to IBS including information about what it is (and isn't), how it's diagnosed, the symptoms and underlying characteristics, the contributing risk factors for the development of IBS, and our guide to managing your condition without turning to punishing diets or punitive exercise.

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Weight Inclusive Guide to IBS

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